Case Study

We have leveraged our expertise in AI and Machine Learning to deliver a solution to our client developing infotainment systems (using speech recognition) for automotive manufacturers (GM, Ford, FCA). This project included 35 developers and testers in AI.


Experience offered to host the project at our site as people onboarded and headcount became too much to absorb at their premises. Significantly, we were able to provide the majority of AI resources within 6 weeks; minimizing project delays to the client.


Our client needed to increase the size of their team significantly for a period of 6-12 months to be able to meet a project goal on time.  They did not have the current space requirements to absorb an additional 35 people.


We were able to deliver the project on time due to our in-house AI expertise.  By Experience showing flexibility, our customer was able to have their needs met to address any space concerns.