• Your plant is experiencing a high defect rate in its manufacturing process-- and you have no idea how to decrease the cost of re-work.
  • You know the costs of reworking your defects never seem to end and it’s putting pressure on the budget.
  • You continually have to manage the quality of manual re-work; not to mention the issues with staffing. The hassle just never goes away.
  • You wish you had more time to focus on innovation; but instead, you find yourself managing defects.


We are a Customized AI Solutions company that works primarily with automotive manufacturing suppliers.

Our clients know that the on-going cost and delays associated with defect re-work need to be reduced quickly.

We help them discover a machine learning based solution and manage the whole process of AI transformation in their manufacturing plants.


We have seen so many unethical practices in the staffing industry. When we started Experience, we wanted to create a work culture where our contractors felt respected and valued. We wanted to be able to choose our customers and decide who was the right fit to work with.

At the forefront was a desire to foster an inclusive working environment:  When people are free to be their true selves their quality of work improves, they are more productive, and innovation happens!

With our CEO, Lara Autio, at the helm, we’ve become certified as a Women-Owned business.

Since, we have really embraced being a part of this community:  Being a diverse supplier is a good fit with the ethics and values our company was already advocating.


Experience has changed over the years. In 2005, Martin Lavoie started the company as a home-based business with nothing more than a computer and a database. At that time, our focus was to provide permanent and contract placement of IT Professionals.

In 2011, we took the next step and opened an office in Dorval, Quebec. Gradually, we built a team of Recruiters and Account Managers; expanding our footprint in Montreal and Toronto.

Five years later, we had outgrown our space. In December 2016, we moved into our brand-new Center of Excellence in downtown Montreal where we can host IT Projects for clients anywhere in North America. It was a win-win situation-- as this would reduce our client’s costs due to the low Canadian dollar and in-expensive operating costs.

By 2017, we had mostly exited the permanent placement business and were focusing on IT Projects and contract placements.



A further turning point came with an opportunity to deliver a solution to our client developing infotainment systems in vehicles; this catapulted us into the Artificial Intelligence space.  Artificial intelligence and machine learning became our catch phrases.  And did we ever learn!  With a team of up to 35 people, this project is still on-going:  It solidified our expertise in AI and provided a renewed focus going forward.

In 2019, we find ourselves focusing on customized AI solutions for automotive manufacturers and/or their suppliers.  This is truly the most exciting time in our company’s history: We have now completed the transformation from IT Staffing company to Customized AI Solutions provider. 

We get to experience new challenges everyday; with new problems to solve.  And we are still having fun doing it!


Let us leverage our expertise to bring you the right solution to reduce the cost of re-work in your manufacturing facility.  We would love to hear from you.

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“We might be one of the smallest; but we work only with the biggest.”